AGM 2020


Notice is hereby given that the 39th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the St. Nicholas Girls’ School Alumnae Association (SNGSAA) will be held on Saturday 6 June 2020 at 2.00pm on an online meeting platform, Zoom.

Viewing of the previous AGM minutes 2019, Financial Statements for FY 2019, Registration to attend the AGM or vote by Proxy form, and Nominations Form to participate in the election of Exco 2020/21, are available online, via the links stated below.

The business to be transacted at the Meeting is as follows:

  1. To confirm the Minutes of the 38th AGM that was held on 18 May 2019.
  2. To receive and, if approved, adopt the audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31st December 2019.
  3. President’s Report.
  4. Introduction of candidates for Executive committee 2020/2021
  5. Voting and election of New Exco Committee 2020/2021 and counting of votes including those submitted by proxy
  6. Any other matters.

How to nominate yourself to stand for election for Exco 2020/21

  1. Please fill in the nomination form from the link
  2. The closing date for nominations is 23 May 2020, 2359 hrs

 For Voting of Exco members at AGM 6 June 2020, or to vote via Instrument of Proxy

  1. Please register yourself at this link:
  2. If you wish to attend the AGM, meet the nominees, and continue to vote at the AGM, the closing date to register is 5 June 2020, 2359 hrs. We will email you the Zoom link to join.
  3. If you do not wish to attend the AGM, but you wish to view the list of nominees and receive the proxy form to vote for your selected nominees via proxy, please register by 1 June 2020, 2359 hrs. We will email you the proxy form. You have to submit your filled proxy form by 4 June 2359 hrs to the email address stated in the form.
  4. Voting results will be announced at the AGM on 6 June 2020, on Zoom, at approximately 3pm.

If you have any queries on the above, please contact me on whatsapp at 9739 5912.

Thank you

Joanna Lim (Secretary)
For and on behalf of the SNGSAA EXCO
16 May 2020


Registration for the AGM will start at 1:30 p.m. and Members Activities will start at 2.00pm.

1:30 Log in & settle down.
2:00 To confirm the minutes of the previous AGM 2019. (see appended)
2:10 Address by President & update on the activities of the past year
2:20 Presentation by Treasurer on the Annual Financial Statement for FY 2019. (see appended)
2:30 One-minute self-introduction of members standing for election for Exco 20/21 (~20 persons or more)
3:00 Voting commences and Vote-counting including valid instrument of Proxy forms, followed by announcement and presentation of all successfully elected Exco members for year 2020/21.
3:30 End meeting