Join The Alumnae

Two simple reasons:

Join us to provide strong support to St Nicks

St Nicks has always enjoyed strong support from 校友姐姐们. AA  has different sub-committees that organise different learning activities for our 小妹妹s. For example, since 2008, AA has been organising the annual camp for Sec 2 girls during October. In 2009, AA organised Moonlight Party (月光会) to bring back moon cake festival celebrations to St Nicks. We hope to hold Moonlight Party again in 2010 at the primary school holding site. As these events require support from many old girls who all have busy work and family commitments, we are always on the lookout for more alumnae to come on board. Your participation will help boost our efforts and enable us to continue providing strong support to our old school. Please join us!

Join us to make new friends

Chances are we’d all agree strong social ties are key to our general happiness. We need close, long-term relationships. We need someone we can call upon whenever we need support. We need to be able to confide in others. We need to belong. We need to feel “needed” and to be able to give support to others. But as we go through the various stages in life, the good friends we could always count on may not always be there because, well, things happen. So how do we make new friends?

So how do we make new friends?

  • Join a group

    The easiest way to make new friends would be to join a natural group. By that we mean join a group that has a natural attraction of feeling or kinship to you. Like the St Nicks Alumnae Association!

    You will be among fellow old girls who share the same collective memories of our dear alma mater. There’s always plenty to talk about whenever we get together. For those who are shy, you won’t have to worry about how to break the ice. There are no strangers in AA! As we always say in St Nicks, 我们都是好姐妹!

  • Show up at a friendly event

    Even if you do not want to sign up as a member just yet, you are most welcome to come to any of our events. Our membership spans many cohorts. You are sure to spot a friendly face among the crowd.

    Check out our events calendar from time to time and just come to whichever gathering suits your schedule. We look forward to welcoming you!

  • Form an interest group

    We are all interested in something. It could be scrapbooking, baking, sewing, singing, dancing, reading, playing sudoku or practising tai-chi. Once you start making new friends at AA events, you can easily form a group of your own and hang out with your new friends regularly.
    If you are keen to start an interest group among St Nicks alumnae members, write to and we’ll help you publicise your group.
  • Get involved

    Volunteer your time and talent. AA has many events that need your help. If you get involved, you will make new friends among others who have also decided to help.

    Again, write to if you are keen to come on board and we’ll hook you up with the different organising teams.